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Life is short, use Python (and Django)

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archiemeng | Feb. 3, 2020, 1:56 p.m. | viewed: 379

In my last semester, I took a unit called Web Application which uses ASP.NET MVC framework. It was devastated since I messed up all the things about it. I had terrible data logic design, buggy database processing and ugly surface for my unit project. I was frustrated with doubts about my ability til now when I decided and successfully made this blog application. Yes, I was wrong. My web development skill is not that bad. My poor score in that unit is just the result of the bullshit ASP.NET framework (Yes, I just got 59 for that unit). In this article, I will explain how I built this application from scratch and the most apparent differences between ASP.NET and Django in my own opinions.



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